Warranty Information

All warranty items must have a copy of the original invoice.

Convertible top cylinders, motor pumps and hoses:  5 Year warrantee

    • Convertible top cylinder are not guaranteed against bent rods, ballooned barrels, stripped threads, dented barrels, physical abuse or accident.
    • Convertible top motor pumps are not guaranteed against burn-out, excessive wear, if the pump contains filthy or contaminated fluid, if it has been disassembled or has suffered physical abuse or accident.
    • Convertible top hose sets are not guaranteed against damage, abuse or accidents.
Power window cylinders:  3 Year warrantee

Window cylinders are guaranteed for 3 years. Window cylinders are not guaranteed against burn-out of the electric solenoid, physical abuse, accident or if it contains filthy or contaminated fluid (Do not use Silicone brake fluid).

Convertible top: 8 Year warrantee

We proudly place our strong written warranty in the package with every replacement convertible top we sell, along with instructions for proper operations, care, and cleaning.  Kee replacement tops are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for eight years. 
Weather Strip:
Metro's SUPERsoft Sponge Gold Series Weatherstrip product is fully warranted for 15 years from the date of purchase.
Other new parts: 1 year
Rebuilt parts: 90 days
Liability: Hydro-E-Lectric, Inc. and it's suppliers and manufactures are not liable for damage and/or labor costs due to defective parts or misuse of any of our products that we sell.
Shipping Charges:
The shipping charges, for items being returned, are the responsibility of the purchaser. Hydro-E-Lectric does not refund shipping charges for warranties past 30 days. 

We guarantee our products 100% against defective material and workmanship.